Yield Farming

Farm Setup

Start farming by adding liquidity on our farming platform. The more the better.

Automatic Growth

You will get automatic yields for adding liquidity. Select the farming pools wisely.


Your coins are ready to harvest when it gets matured. You get returns based on pool's APY.

Farming Vaults

Farming vaults stabalizes the price of tokens and provide much higher APY

30 day vault

300% APY

60 day vault

600% APY

90 day vault

1200% APY

What makes us better?

Robust technology with integrated DeFi features for the benefit of community

Low Total Supply

Carefully crafted and calculated low supply with only 1000 tokens in total.

High Yields

High Yields for Farming THOU Tokens with APY upto 1200%.

Locked Liquidity

Initial Liquidity locked for one year to gain trust from the community.

Carefully crafted to rise high.

Supply and Demand

Whenever the supply is low, the demand is high, the price rises high.

Community Owned

where the stakes are held by the community, it gives power back to the people.

Secured Investment

where all the liquidity provide to the pool is locked and secured for a year.


Token Details

Name: THOU

Symbol: THOU

Decimal: 18

Contract: 0x65002003e0d124ceeaa783cc7cf64dfeffcbfed0

Total supply: 1000

Roadmap & Plans